Network Planning & Design

Precisely design every change to your network

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Capture all the types of systems present on your network including networking equipment, peripherals, physical & virtual servers, SANs, storage arrays, pools and volumes.


Document network traffic and connections, with ports and protocols. Simply click to make physical connections or map data flows and 10SCAPE will draw the lines and automatically adjust the layout.


Visually highlight VLANS or adjust the level of detail using filters. Invite your team and collaborate on maps. Export maps to PDF, image and high resolution poster format.

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    I love being able to track my entire inventory and have that inventory be what I map on the graph. - Drew Bailey,
    UMD College Park

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    I recently came across your product, and am absolutely floored by how easy to use, effective, and extensible it is. It's something we've needed for decades.
    - Dane Stuckey,
    Secure Network Design Concepts.